Elleon Coaching Services

I am a Life Coach that specializes primarily in two groups of people; adolescents/young adults as well as men and women at midlife.  These two age groups are very different, one might think. Whether preparing to  make it on their own, as young people do, or facing a life that is suddenly very different than the last decade due to changes in family, marriage, health status or other challenges, they are both standing at the threshold of something new.  I collaborate with clients to attain the academic, career, wellness and personal growth they're looking for through a process of inquiry, awareness, and empowerment, creating the forward movement toward change.

I offer sessions, both in-person, on the phone and over skype for both individual and group coaching. In-person coaching may be preferable to those clients living in the Fairfield County, CT area.

For individual coaching, we will work together to help define your short and long term goals which we will use to determine your long range vision as well as the focus of each session. What are your dreams, your goals and the obstacles you wish to conquer?

Group Coaching usually has a theme and clients sign up according to interest. Group coaching can be held in-person so clients from the local Connecticut area may be more inclined to participate. Group coaching can also be held via telephone or skype for long distance clients.

Fees: There is an initial telephone consultation which is free of charge. I do not accept insurance payments, but I do use a sliding scale fee structure. I also use a special pricing package option for those who would like to purchase multiple sessions at a discount.  

Sliding Scale fee : $80 to $125 per session

Special pricing package option:

___Package 1: $120X2 sessions, ___Package 2: $100X3 sessions, ___ Package 3: $90X4 sessions,  ___Package 4: $75X5 sessions