"Though I have a pretty good understanding of the issue that I am dealing with, I have been unable to resolve it. Working with Ellen, I gained a fresh perspective. After listening, Ellen was able to reframe what I said in a way that provided clarity and was in line with my values. Her ability to find just the right words was so helpful in my setting a goal and things to try to meet the goal. Thank you Ellen!"
Evelyn L., CT

"Ellen was a wonderful person for me to work with me.  She gave me great insight  that helped me come to terms on issues that allowed me to make peace.  What was wonderful was that she did not give me the answers. Rather, she supported the answers that came to me."  Randy D.,  CT

Thank you for being so easy to work with while giving me the tools to succeed. I greatly appreciate your attention to details, the support, the encouragement, and for challenging me to think through things differently. I'm impressed with how you were able to put things into perspective and allow me to better understand myself and my needs.

T. L., CT

Working with Ellen on the parts of my life I really need to bring focus to is much like panning for gold.  Ellen prompts me to dive deep into my inner-drives, sifting through all the “silt.” I am truly motivated to shake things up and look at the life surfacing right in front of me. Ellen never fails to leave me with a “golden nugget” at the end of each session, a revelation that makes me want to yell “Eureka!”  Elleon Life Coaching is a richly rewarding experience that I wish everyone could share.

T.S.R., English Professor


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your blogs.  You are so creative, insightful and relevant for myself and others.  I have the highest respect for you and your career as a life coach with the many hats that you wear. I have practiced and utilized so much of what you say and find that you have an ability to zero in on things that many people do not have the capability of. It is your manner and the way you approach things that I would highly recommend you as a life coach. You have been invaluable to me over the years and centered me at times when I thought I couldn't get back to the place I wanted to be. You truly have a gift to offer others that I hope people will see and realize how they can benefit from your skills!

Laura O., CT

Coaching with Ellen offered me the opportunity to look at my goals and quality of life issues. Through the coaching process, I was able to refocus my energies on what I wanted to do for myself.  Ellen helped me put the goal we worked on in definitive terms so I could stick to my plan in the coming months.

Beverly S. Fairfield County, CT, Professor

My world was getting out of control due to a job that no longer served my life the way I needed it to, but I was so entrenched and tied to the way things used to be on my formerly perfect job that I needed someone impartial and outside of my world to help me sort my thoughts and feelings about it all as I tried to find something new. I knew I was relunctantly in transition and working with a life coach previously proved to me that this was a way to begin to untangle and move forward. As I sought someone local, something about Ellen's profile spoke to me and made me think she had walked my road. We had a great initial conversation that boosted my lagging confidence in my own motivations. Even when you know what to do, if outside forces complicate things long enough, you start to think maybe you don't know what to do after all. But Ellen kept me reminded that my instincts were right, giving me techniques to try to help me keep my peace in the midst of the turmoil, and as I thought I would try to figure out how to find balance in all the chaos, that is when my change came. Six months after we started meeting, I found a new job that seems to be suited to my needs and wants in a position. When it happened, it was quick and I barely did more than watch it unfold. I found a place that instantly wanted to prove to me that they valued my experience and wanted to be the support I needed. I am going to get through this transition now and when I come out of on the other side, I will take stock of my life and my goals and go back to Ellen to help me stay on course. The Bible says two is better than one and Ellen is certainly a great partner in making life transitions and achieving personal goals. Thank you, Ellen! I will be in touch. Monica D., CT 

My family visits Ellen when we have disagreements. I have Asperger’s Syndrome so I don’t work with many intense emotions. When I go to Ellen’s I tend to come to conclusions or make peace with problems on my own. However, I usually only achieve this by talking out loud, which yields some control over my ideas. She is excellent at prompting me to voice my thoughts. Ellen has also introduced me to (or reminded me of) several strategies for success, the most valuable of which is definitely to voice my thoughts. I don’t visit her consistently, but when I do I tend to leave happier than before!

TM of Connecticut

I am a mother of four children who's exceptionalities can be classified under a number of disabilities, for the sake of simplicity we will say they fall primarily on the spectrum of autism and ADHD. Ellen offers the flexibility and expertise that a family like ours requires for success. She is able to meet me and whichever children I have brought her that day with positive focus, patience and calm. She offers us insight and teaches us tools so that we are able to practice self regulation, positive social skills, and mindfulness in concrete ways in our everyday lives. Whatever state of frustration or disagreement we arrive in, we leave with an overwhelming sense of peace and confidence. SM, Connecticut