Why choose Ellen as your life coach?

Ellen Leon Rosoff is a mother of 2 adult children; she is a daughter, a sister, a dog lover. A work in progress herself, she has had to find her way through many of life's ups and downs including single parenting and financial rebooting. Ellen is a School Counselor and has worked with children and their parents for over 20 years. The last 14 years are steeped in experience with adolescents, young adults and the people who care about them. Becoming a Certified Life Coach was a natural extension for her. Ellen saw coaching as a great way to help people of all ages make their own decisions, analyze and evaluate choices, and gain the self confidence to direct their own lives in new and exciting ways. Ellen also works with men and women with midlife issues who are on the brink of .... something new.

Through her compassion, gift for seeing the strengths in others, and skills in counseling, consulting, and coaching she has been able to cultivate in others, an awareness of their own potential and possibility. Using the gap between what is and what could be, Ellen helps people to find their way across the gap, making strides toward their desired outcomes. She believes that when we talk about mind/body functions such as mindfulness, grit, perspective, self-regulation, optimism and mindset to name a few, we can help unlock the client's problem solving region of the brain. When intense fear, anger or sadness has gridlocked the emotional center of their brain, coaching can bring out the client's own personal power and wisdom, setting the client free from self-imposed limitations.

Once we shake loose bits of awareness from the overwhelm, the client can examine it and evaluate what has come to light for them. It is only with awareness that the client can begin to set goals to create forward movement and progress. After selecting a realistic and measurable goal, Ellen can be your accountability partner and collaborator. 

In addition to her Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Connecticut, Ellen is a Board Certified Coach and received her training through ILCT (Institute for Life Coach Training, an ICF approved training program for coaches). She also holds a completion certificate from UC Berkeley for successfully completing The Science of Happiness course.